Amy Lostutter

a digital marketing & communications agency 

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Graphic design, social media, managing websites—how do you do it all?

When you have a small staff, it’s hard to manage it well. That’s where I come in. With my marketing and communication experience, I know what it takes to successfully manage social media accounts, create compelling designs for your website or social, and how to attract visitors and attenders with digital marketing techniques. 


Website management: 
Content edits, new pages, events, updates of current site, designing of new website

Graphic Design:
Social media images, weekend service slides, web and banner graphics.

Social Media Management:
Creating and designing content, scheduling posts, engaging and building followers.

And more! 
SEO, Google AdWords, email marketing (MailChimp).


About Amy Lostutter

My passion = everything digital media and making you happy (Oh, and coffee. All of the coffee.) Whether you need to ramp up your social media accounts, maintain your website content and SEO, or just have a couple graphics created, I want to manage your digital world you so can focus on reaching your business goals!

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